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hello, funny seeing you here

Abby is a passionate, energetic person who enjoys rallying people together.

She has a big picture mindset and loves to think outside of the box.

Abby has experience in consulting, finance, business strategy, analytics, and investment strategy with a strong background in data science - she thrives on meeting new people and finding innovative solutions to their problems. She has worked with multiple wealth management and fortune 100 clients to provide insights, recommendations, and solutions. 

Outside of work, Abby loves anything outdoorsy! She enjoys playing soccer, ultimate frisbee, hiking, and playing Spikeball with friends (one of the greatest games ever). She also enjoys playing guitar and is currently *trying* to learn to DJ.

Other stuff

Reflecting on the past few years, I have been lucky enough to engage in a variety of personal experiences that have furthered my own cross cultural engagement, leadership development, and personal development. These experiences have helped me shape my values and have provided me time for self exploration and personal reflection.




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