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about me

a few things about myself:

I am a beast at four square 

I have a pottery wheel but I’m mediocre at throwing anything 

I fall prey to marketing very easily, but at least I am self aware (ex: I love liquid death) 

I’ll try any food at least once - I haven’t found something I won’t eat. Please send me any food suggestions you think I should try

I can chug sparkling water very fast. I used to drink La Croix every morning to wake me up.

I love really good food. Especially homemade. I believe cooking for/with friends is a love language that cannot be beaten. 

Catan is my favorite board game, by far

I love EDM music

I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and really any sport that involves sweating hard

I have played guitar since I was 8

I like playing chess 

I love to travel and thoroughly enjoy airports

I love eating crab legs, mussels, artichokes, etc - anything that you have to work on, often times communally, to eat 

I love playing Texas hold 'em 

I like freestyle rapping and love when people are good at it - gets the creative juices flowing

I can hold my breath for ~3 minutes - I would take on any friend who thinks they can beat me at a breath holding contest - underwater only, no cheaters

I make extremely good Crème brûlée (according to a sample size of 2 people)

a few things I would LIKE to be able to do really well:

Perfect the art of making really really good carbs: homemade sourdough, pasta, bagels, etc. 

Be able to do a backflip

Learn how to use Ableton Live software and create music

Understand options trading better

Learn about wine and be able to tell what region certain grapes come from (amateur Sommelier vibes?)

Would love to learn to surf

Become more of a beast at Spikeball

Learn to speak Italian 

check out this game I made during Covid:

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